Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Methods for Treatment of Cellulite by Joey Atlas Reviews

Did not believe my eyes Well, you think about it, the market has countless anti-cellulite products and cellulite problem remains unsolved so far. But Truth about Cellulite Program; Yes, I will not lie - creams, gels, compresses and special tights have more preventive and supportive action. They just help the skin look firmer and tight. But that does not mean they are done with orange skin. Simply mask the unpleasant relief under reinforced connective tissue of the skin. This series of supportive measures belong to the different types of anti-cellulite massage. But besides them in the fight against external appearance of cellulite have also include a balanced diet, sports activities, and to refuse alcohol, coffee and cigarettes. But even to become a saint, it does not guarantee you will get rid of cellulite forever relief because remind you cellulite is a secondary sign of femininity in women.

Truth about Cellulite Program Basis of all cellulite creams are herbal extracts in high concentration constituting Product in the form of conventional extracts or in the form of specific molecules that reach the deeper layers of the skin. Active ingredients anti-cellulite cosmetics first restore the elasticity of the skin and its normal thickness at the expense of increased synthesis of collagen and elastin. That is the effect of reducing cellulite by increasing the tone of the skin. In this respect, the most effective helpers are seaweed extract, low molecular weight collagen, retinol (vitamin A and its derivatives), some herbal extracts (field horsetail, wheat, soybeans) and ascorbic acid. - The ingredients that improve blood circulation are extract green tea, horse chestnut, ginkgo, grape and arnica, and vitamins A, K and PP. -
 Ingredients activating metabolism at the cellular level are lipase, caffeine extract, pineapple, tea and healing clay.
 Ingredients Drainage effect (eliminate excess fluid from the intercellular space and prevent the occurrence of edema) are horse chestnut extract and green tea. - The active components to restore smoothness and skin tone are pure retinol and fruit acids. They accelerate the process of renewal of skin cells. Their use leads to leveling the skin relief. Truth about Cellulite Program Treatment for cellulite is accepted under special schemes designed by the manufacturers still in laboratories.

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