Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Begin treatment at the fingertips legs

How to bring order to the thigh - Hips perhaps is the most problematic area of the female body. It was here in the first place settles forming hated "ears".  Lightly rub the tool in your hands and apply it to the body smooth circular motions. Begin treatment at the fingertips legs and head towards the neck.

Chest and abdomen handled very carefully, and back, hips, knees and forearms, on the contrary, intense causing the whole body scrub, wait a few minutes to supplements and oils to take effect. Rinse with warm shower facility. Check the folds of skin and hard to reach areas that they are not left peeling particles - with prolonged exposure it can cause irritation. If you purchased a scrub bar, use it as a massage tile rubbing their skin, and after rubbing hands means.

 You must notice that salt tiles cannot be used if the skin is broken - a strong burning sensation and redness guaranteed. After finishing the procedure, pat the skin soft towel and apply a lotion or emulsion her body. After treatment with scrub mineral or vegetable oils, additional moisture is required.

If you use anti-cellulite scrub, lubricate the skin cream or serum and make intensive massage problem areas. Use a scrub once or twice a week. Peels can apply anti-cellulite treatments - with 10 consecutive procedures. Then put a break, and after a while the course may be repeated.

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