Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Whichever way anti-cellulite massage you choose

Note - Whichever way anti-cellulite massage you choose, the effect is only in the case of regular use. Reviews about massage LPG for cellulite removal - Massage on hips gave effect as according to Christina she is doing LPG massage currently on her hips - with inner and outer surfaces.

 Indeed, the procedure is painless; time is the same as other anti-cellulite. Effect after ten procedures - there: minus one size, and I'm back in my favorite jeans and that achievement in just 1 month. On progress will not stop!

As according to Sabrina the effect is stunning - Girlfriend on my birthday paid me a massage LPG, the reviews I had heard only well, but now really see what effect in this procedure.

 I am a girl not very elegant, but never suffered complexes. After the massage was determined to lose weight as she saw herself completely different, much better. I believe that some procedures have changed completely.

As according to Anna - LPG good massage helps with cellulite, improves skin condition. After the procedure, the whole body feels pleasant ease.

Do you need a massage in a special suit that had no bruises? Procedure, in principle, painless, but a lot depends on the person who is doing. Massage should be done rate as from one or two procedures will have no effect.

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