Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Reviews of LPG massage for cellulite removal

Price massage LPG much higher than similar types of massage, but the result is worth it. Continue until the end of the course. Try the new French massage apparatus LPG, and was very pleased done on the buttocks and thighs to reduce cellulite. Rollers go smoothly throughout the body.

 Earlier cautiously made cellulite massage apparatus, as I have a tendency to varicose veins and for LPG have no contraindication made 10 sessions - twice a week, even as many left. The results become visible already - much less orange peel.

Reviews of Brianna with new massage anti-cellulite for cellulite correction - Before correction of figure I did vacuum massage - mostly on the inner thigh area and breeches. Recently, on the advice of friend tried to make lpg-massage. The procedure is less painful than a vacuum, after which often left bruises, although much more expensive. Do little more than half an hour massage, unpleasant sensations felt. 10 thin procedures 1 size, I will not stop there!

According to Crystal it is wonderful Massage - LPG massage is probably the most effective way to fight cellulite. That I just have not tried - wraps, various creams, massages at home, I did not help anything. And recently a friend of mine advised me to this massage. You will not believe, but after 5 sessions already see the result. The skin became smooth. Naturally, cellulite completely disappeared, but the main thing is not to stop there.

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