Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Cellulite Massage

The most popular method for the treatment of cellulite is a manual massage. It was with his help providing blood supply to the tissues. Newcomers blood helps burn fat brings fresh nutrients, on the other hand provides a resolution of lymph detainee. In order to have a greater effect on cellulite massage is very important the affected areas to be treated with quality products. They are either heating or cooling, and their goal is to better penetrate the epidermis and affect the fat cell, releasing it from the content.

The duration of the procedure depends on the age and body weight of the female. If she is a young lady with a good metabolism and weighs about 50-60 kg, then 15 and the massage would be enough to bring this figure in good shape and for a long time. However, if you have a female adult who has a disability that disrupts the metabolism, be it hormonal problems or stress, and it weighs more than 65-70 kg, then 10-15 the massage will not be enough. In it you will need a minimum of 20-25 to a noticeable reduction of the tour. Of great importance is the frequency of procedures.

They need to do every day or every other day.
The best option for better success - quick, visible and lasting is when the massage is combined with some of the other modern methods for treating cellulite. These are called Hardware techniques that affect muscles through current. Furthermore, to cause the degradation of fat cells, as they contribute to the good modeling of the silhouette. Generally massage enhances the action of each of the other methods and, when in combination with them, the result is more than good.

Cellulite is among the methods and body rapping. When the body is wrapped in various bandages, the skin prior rubbed active anti-cellulite serum. Algae absorb toxins from the body and epidermis and smoothes the skin becomes soft and smooth. Once the body is smeared with the paraffin, algae and marine mud, is wrapped in foil and thermal blanket, which operates at a temperature higher than that of the human body. The aim is to create the effect of micro-sauna as causing sweating, which results in a reduction of the circumference.

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