Tuesday, 7 January 2014

How to use a body scrub

Review of Susanne Massaging thighs - I think not only I have a problem. So, decided to order a little hip lead and that was once all summer enrolled in LPG massage. Every year I go to him: simple and noticeable effect. Leg rises, as when charging, and you thighs such a special little thing leads. If pain becomes masseuse say. It reduces something there and lie again - enjoy. I advise everyone!

How to use a body scrub - Cleanse the skin of dead cells, making it soft and gentle, but also help get rid of cellulite - it is able to do all the usual body scrub. It can be tough and very delicate, hypoallergenic or flavored, expensive and quite affordable. Select the appropriate option, use it regularly and soon your skin will look great.

Pick scrub suitable for your skin. Rough epidermis on the heels and knees can be treated using pumice or ground apricot pits. Suitable for oily skin peels on the basis of salt or sugar, dry choose funds enriched oils, and for sensitive - peelings with soft plastic beads. Scrub with essential oils of citrus fruits is able to cope not only with the dead skin, but with cellulite. Before processing, take a bath or shower. If peeling is packed in a jar, pre cook spoon or spatula to get the necessary dose.

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