Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Do yourself LPG massage in the abdomen and waist

Yes, and without complying with sparing diet cannot do, or just fitness gym - Beauty requires sacrifice. There are contraindications for this massage. LPG can massage on the face and do, but I have not tried.
LPG abdominal - Do yourself LPG massage in the abdomen and waist to reduce the volume. The session lasts a little more than 35 minutes, the feeling, I would say, pleasant. So, at least in contrast to the vacuum massage, made 9 of 18 procedures, waist decreased in volume by 4 cm, very happy. By the way, combine massage course with proper nutrition - eliminated fatty foods.
As according to Melina LPG has excellent result - Read a lot about the LPG-massage, but the price scared, and I did not dare. Heavily involved in sports, but nothing helped. And I dare. Learned about the system of discounts, and signed up for 5 sessions. Sports did not throw, and after 3 massages the skin became smooth. After 5 sessions I decided for another 5. The result is excellent. When combined with diet and sports massage LPG-great assistant in the fight against cellulite.

LPG massage on hips reviews of Jolie - A friend advised me to massage LPG on the thighs to reduce cellulite. Procedure 2 times a week for two months. The effect of love, made half of the course, the result is minus one size, the skin on the thighs noticeably smoother.

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