Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Get rid of stubborn cellulite

Everyday care about the beauty of the body is every woman of great importance, and each of them is trying to be nurtured and pull yourself out of the best to feel happy and confident. However, many women are faced with cellulite as the only obstacle to the complete satisfaction and seek solutions to help him as they said goodbye forever. click here

Simple chronobiology first Food Chronobiology allows you to stay slim without dieting. Just to eat healthy at the right time. By 16 hours the body simply breaks down fat: fat you eat for breakfast, lunch and partially (proteins of animal origin + sugars low glycemic index).

From 17 hours of work the body slows down (contraction), and nutritional components are beginning to be "stored". Sugars for lunch (or light lipids) saturate the body, but it's important they eat sensibly and isolated (fruit, dark chocolate). Finally, an important light dinner: on the basis of lean protein (meat, legumes + cereals) and carbohydrates low energy values (greens). more reviews about what is cellulite 

Second Sport is ideal to deal with fast sports (running, cycling, etc.) in the morning (before breakfast) or before lunch. Evening, choose a slow sports (yoga, stretching) and relaxation (massage, Turkish bath).

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