Monday, 30 December 2013

Exercises for Love Handles and Cellulite by Truth about Cellulite Product

1.       Burped - 10 times
This is a complex exercise for the whole body, which has a strong aerobic component.  Jump from a standing position with his hands up, land squatting, place hands on the floor and bounced back so that the body is stretched out then jump harvested by hands - that's one repetition
2.       Side plank - 10 times on each side

This too is a complex exercise that heavily loaded side arm and abdominal muscles. When I first did it, I managed to complete only 2-3 reps, it is very difficult, but after some practice has rapidly progress.
Lying on the right side of your body, place the palm of the hand below the shoulder; stretch the arm, so that the body rises. Legs provide support, one step below the other. Stretch your body is in one line (board).
Lower hips to the floor without touching it, then lift your hips up - this is one repetition. Try to go down as you lower to make it harder and more effective exercise. Beginners perform this exercise from the elbow, not by hand. Or if you do it by hand, then do not come down very low and it is easier.for more details visit here

3.       Sumo squat + leg lift in the country - 10 per foot for a total of 20
This is a great exercise for each of the thighs - front, inside, outside and slightly back, as well as the buttocks. If you tighten the arms and stomach - becomes an exercise for the whole body.
Dissolve feet wide, the fingers point out of the steps to be loaded and the inside of the thighs. Squat as if you sit in a chair (push your butt back, knees and not forward). Bend your arms in front of body, palms are caught, tighten the arms to have an isometric load on them. Squatting, standing and lifting one leg straight in countries squat, straightening lift the other foot in the country. It loads and lateral thighs (breeches).
4.       Mountain Climber - 20 times

This is an exercise for the abdomen and chest, which loaded and hips and back. Stand with your hands and feet on the floor, butt sticking up, so that it is top of the triangle. Start running, alternating legs so that your knees to approach as close to the chest.more reviews about truth about cellulite 

5.       Attacks back + outsourcing foot forward - 10 times for each leg

Step back with right foot (big step), and then lower your body perpendicular to the floor without the knee on the right leg resting on the floor. Knee of the left leg (front) was not involved, i.e. isolate it so that it does not go ahead, otherwise it can become sore. Stand up and swing with your right leg forward and upward. Do not slouch.

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