Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Make a good self-massage

Feel the small clusters of toxins under the skin and try to massage pressure. Alternately try out these two methods during those five minutes self-massage. for more details click here

And do not forget that this massage just extra help with food (which must be based on a lot of water, vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes), and exercise.
Want to find out more detail how else you can massage your own - then HERE to read our article in which we present self-massage that is designed for laboratories Vichy French physiotherapist specializing in manual lymphatic drainage Gil Amsallem.

Professional masseurs and special treatments. But you do not have to spend hundreds and hundreds of Kuna on expensive massages. To you increase your chances of a successful resolution of cellulite will help these tips on how to rub my own at home.

Daily five-minute massage. However, if you are very busy or you do not have to work every day - but it takes at least three times a week.

The best would be to use anti-cellulite cream or lotion or oil of peppermint, ginger or lavender, which are very useful in the fight against cellulite. Experiment with oils and regularly applying them to the skin to make it moisturized and to stimulate circulation. In addition, these oils will help raise your body temperature, which is a great help in dealing with toxins, and even excess fat.go to my webpage for more details about cellulite program 

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